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Thread: Can't update chromedriver

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    Default Can't update chromedriver

    Hi all!

    My suites stopped working today. After some investigation, I realized it was using chromedriver 2.29. I updated my Sencha Test to, but it came with chromedriver 2.31. So, now my suites are at least executing the steps, but maximizing the window - via 'ST.defaultContext.driver.windowHandleMaximize();' - won't work anymore.

    Apparently this issue is caused because the chromedriver that supports my chrome version (62) would be the 2.33. I've downloaded the 2.33 chromedriver, however I can't seem to find a way of telling Sencha Test to use this instead of 2.31.

    Can anyone help with that?

    Thanks for the attention.

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    For now, I'd recommend configuring a Standalone Selenium Server (, and using the latest ChromeDriver there. Then, instead of running tests against the Embedded server, run them against your custom standalone Selenium Server.

    We will include a newer version of ChromeDriver in a subsequent update to Sencha Test, however I don't have timelines for that release at the moment.
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