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Thread: Recommendation for creating a child window

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    Default Recommendation for creating a child window

    I have a form that needs to pop up a window with some data. If I want to re-use the same window over and over for any record (instead of recreating and destroying the window upon its closing action), what is the recommended way to create and reference the window?

    Here are some options:
    • create an override for the form and create the window object in the constructor.
    • use processConfig and create the object there
    • implement an event handler (afterRender?) and create the object there

    The code to create the window would be:

      this.myWindow = Ext.create('MyApp.view.MyWindow');
    where this is the view object.


    Update: another method is illustrated in this sample: where a popup dialog is owned by the view and it shares the same view controller as the parent view.

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    The best way will be as displayed in that example. Adding the dialog to the parent view.

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