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Thread: 6.5.3 nightly regression - setActiveItem can't accept a component configuration

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    Default 6.5.3 nightly regression - setActiveItem can't accept a component configuration

    Affects modern.

    Test case:

    Ext.onReady(function() {
        var ct = new Ext.Container({
            renderTo: document.body,
            width: 200,
            height: 200,
            layout: 'card',
            items: [{
                html: 'Card 1'
        setTimeout(() => {
                html: 'New Card'
        }, 2000);
    Steps to reproduce:
    Observe the layout

    Expected behaviour:
    The newly added component should be visible as the active item.

    Actual behaviour:
    The new item is not added to the container and the active item disappears.

    Compare the behaviour between 6.5.2 and nightly 6.5.3 from 20171129, this is a newly introduced regression.
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    Thanks, Evan. I linked this to the original bug report.
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