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Thread: Grid lacks table headers

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    Default Grid lacks table headers

    A 508 expert is reviewing our app and has taken issue with the fact that the ExtGrid doesn't write it's column headers as TH elements. This means screenreaders don't connect the column header to the data. Is there a way to get the grid to write the thead and th tags?

    This is Ext 6.2

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    There is no point in using <thead> and <th> tags for grid column headers, because Ext JS grid is not contained within a single <table> tag. In fact every row is a separate <table> tag (for performance reasons), and column headers are widgets in a separate <div> container. Using <th> tags for column headers doesn't work because in HTML there is no way to map <thead> in one table to <tbody> in another table.

    To work around this limitation, we are using ARIA attributes to transform our grid's HTML markup into a virtual "accessible widget" that a browser can recognize and publish to assistive technologies such as screen readers. Support for ARIA features varies greatly among browsers, Firefox is best at this.

    When evaluating accessibility, it is helpful to keep in mind that Ext JS is used to build applications as opposed to web pages. Not all criteria applicable to web pages are going to work for applications, and there are tradeoffs between rich functionality and accessibility.

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