Is there a way to change the popUp alignment in a multiselector-search component? The default value is 'tl-tr?'.


                            xtype: 'multiselector',
                            title:'Agrupaciones de Eventos',
                            name: 'multiSelectorAgrup',
                            fieldName: 'desAgrupEvent',

                            viewConfig: {
                                deferEmptyText: false,
                                emptyText: 'Seleccione las agrupaciones de eventos asociadas'

                            search: {
                                field: 'desAgrupEvent',
                                                                defaultAlign:'br-tr',//Not working
                                                                beforeshow: function(panel) {
                                                               this._lastAlignToPos='br-tr'; //Only works the first time


As I have seen in the source code for 'Ext.view.MultiSelector', there is a private property called popUpAlign, which is what we would like to modify. Is there any way to make this work without overriding this class?

Thank you in advance. Regards!!!