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Thread: Suggestion for Animation Framework that works well with Extjs

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    Lightbulb Suggestion for Animation Framework that works well with Extjs

    We have been using Extjs modern 6.5 for developing our mobile app. We are at the point of adding animations to our app's different components and actions. We have tried using sencha's animations but they fall short of our expectations. An example of what we would like to implement in our app.

    Do you have any recommendations for any mobile js frameworks or design tools? How well do tools like google web designer or adobe edge animate integrate with sencha? I have tried using greensock but sometimes it comes into conflict with sencha's default animations(e.g.cardswitch)..

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    Bad news: I don't think you can find any framework not made by Sencha which integrates really well with ExtJS.
    Good news: it's rather easy to make an abstraction layer on top of any other JS framework to integrate it in your app. Just create ExtJS class which abstracts original functionality and use it as a mixin in your components like "Ext.util.Animate" is used. I am pretty sure most of the other animation frameworks just need HTMLElement which you can get from any ExtJS component.
    Anyway, I doubt you can find any JS animation framework which will provide all those high-level animation effects shown in the article out-of-the-box.

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