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Thread: Collapsible Panel (with dynamic: true) Does Not Grow to Fit Expanding Contents

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    Default Collapsible Panel (with dynamic: true) Does Not Grow to Fit Expanding Contents

    Good afternoon -

    When using an collapsible panel, the collapse/expand animation is simply.... GOOFY, without setting the dynamic: true configuration within the Ext.Panel's collapsible configuration. HOWEVER. When dynamic is set to true, then body of the Ext.Panel will not grow as its contents grow (say, for instance, the Ext.Panel houses an Ext.dataview.List of comments which grows in size every time a comment is added).

    Take a look at this Fiddle:

    As-is, dynamic is set to true and the collapse and expand animation for "Section 2" occurs smoothly. Add a comment. Note that the bottom part of your new comment AND the input and submit button get shoved down out of sight. Collapse and then expand "Section 2." All content is now visible.

    Comment out the dynamic: true configuration (line 129) and run the Fiddle again. Notice:
    1. how goofy the expand and collapse animations are; and
    2. how the body of the "Section 2" Ext.Panel grows to account for the increased size of the Ext.dataview.List.

    What can be done to utilize the dynamic: true configuration, but also retain the Ext.Panel's apparently-innate ability to grow its body in accordance with any dynamically-grown content?

    Thank you.

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    In doExpandCollapseDynamic, I think you want to change:

    return me.doAnimation(collapsed, Ext.apply({
        scope: me,
        callback: me.afterExpandCollapseAnimation,
        element: targetEl,
        preserveEndState: collapsed,
        from: from,
        to: to
    }, animation), {
        restore: !collapsed
    preserveEndState was true before. Not tested, YMMV etc.
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