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Thread: How to refresh calendar when day length is changed?

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    Default How to refresh calendar when day length is changed?

    Hi all!

    I'd like to add a button to my calendar that will allow users to change the default times displayed in the days and weeks views. The default time range for a day starts at 8:00 AM and ends at 7:00 PM, but my users may need to add events outside of that time range. It's easy to get the time range to change, but the events on the calendar do not move. As you can see in the attached images, I successfully set my startTime to 12:00 AM with my button, but now our 7:00 AM event appears to happen at midnight. Events that weren't visible (that occur next week, or on the next day in the days view) ARE correct, which might be a hint.


    Any ideas on how to get this working? I've got a fiddle for this here:


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    Good morning- I just shared this with my support team. I am confident they can provide you some assistance very soon. Thank you for your patience!

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