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Thread: Extjs form submit error

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    Default Extjs form submit error

    I am having a form with filefield. This file field is optional. When we submit the form using form.submit() function, sometimes it gives a error Ext.JSON.decode() and request is not running. I tried to debug the issue and it seems like the issue is throwing in beforeAjaxSubmit callback. Console trace is attached.
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    Good evening! I apologize for the trouble- this is being sent over to the support team for review and we will look into this at our earliest convenience. Thank you for your patience!


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    Hello there,

    Your AJAX response is not a pure JSON. Try to output the response in console and check if the response is pure JSON.
    A file upload expects you to return a json response the same way you would for a normal form submit. The way to solve it is add a valid JSON string to the server side code.

    Sencha Support.

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    Hi Kumar,

    The issue is this error comes before sending the request to the server and it comes only in some occasions, No particular pattern.

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