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Thread: ExtJS integration with Salesforce Lightning Components (strict mode issue)

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    Default ExtJS integration with Salesforce Lightning Components (strict mode issue)


    I try to integrate ExtJS application with Salesforce Lightning Component. For all included js files they use Locker Service which enables ES5 Strict mode. And it causes problems with ExtJS library inclusion. Here is question I asked on Salesforce forum -
    It should be possible to use "use strict" for ExtJS application with some overriding, but the main problem is that I can not include library itself on Lightning Component page, because ExtJS doesn't support strict mode.

    Is it possible to include ExtJs library in strict mode?
    If not, please let me know if there are some plans in future releases that can fix described problem.

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    Hello Nataliya, I have shared this with the support team and requested that they get back with you regarding your issue. I appreciate your patience!

    Thank you,

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