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Thread: How to define a view property based on a loaded variable ?

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    Default How to define a view property based on a loaded variable ?

    Hello all,

    I Defining 2 class :
    - MyApp.labels.Labels
    - MyApp.view.products.Products

    1- in Labels.js, I defined a property theTitle: 'someStartingTitle'
    1 - In Products.js, I have a panel with a title : MyApp.labels.Labels.theTitle

    In the init function of my application.js, I load a new js (with a theTitle : 'updatedTitle' to override the Labels class. I override it in the callback and I add my mainclass to the viewport.

    My problem : My products panel title is still 'someStartingTitle'. But in console, MyApp.labels.Labels.theTitle is good : 'updatedTitle'...

    I'm disappointed. The title of my products panel seems to have been set when the class was loaded. Not when I use it ???

    I didn't find infos about that...

    Somebody to explain to me what happens ?

    Thank you ;o)

    I have an application which load a js to overide a singleton class "MyApp.labels.Labels" based on the language chosen by user. So the new overriden

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    Hello, sorry for your troubles. I have shared this with the support team. They will look into this and get back with you at their earliest convenience. Thank you so much for your patience!


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