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Thread: IE11 - data disappears on scrolling up (Ext 6.5.3)

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    Default IE11 - data disappears on scrolling up (Ext 6.5.3)


    In a grid, i have loaded around 300 records and tried to scroll down vertically.
    After scrolling for 100 record I tried to scroll upwards.
    Now while scrolling up I have observed all the column data going blank.

    This isssue is observed only in IE11 and working fine in other browsers

    I tried giving trailingBufferZone : 50, leadingBufferZone: 60, which didn't work.

    Please let me know if this can be fixed in any other way

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    Sorry for the trouble. I do not know the answer but I have requested that the support team look into this and provide some assistance. Thank you for your patience!


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    Hello Sri Vidya,

    If Grid has BufferStore then it may show blanks due to network glitch or low bandwidth because while the record is storing in view for a fraction of the second the field will appear blank.

    Could you provide fiddle to replicate this issue? I have tested in all browsers, I have seen the same behavior

    Reference fiddle :

    Sencha Support

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