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    To whom it may concern:

    I have been using SA on almost daily basis since the first release. During the period, SA have been mainly upgraded to work with the backend framework and Sencha cmd. Little have been done to improve the usability of the product which I personally think it's a very nice product for fast prototyping UI. Here are my features list which there will be improvements.

    • Split screen editing - it would be nice if I can open more than one component for code editing. It has been too limiting for too long.
    • Dynamic import/export components - too much restriction for importing and exporting view components. Currently, if I export a component from a project with Ext 6.5, I can't import the component into another project with Ext 6.6 or vice versa but the component is pretty basic and doesn't contain any deprecated or unsupported code. It is unnecessary to manually reconstruct the view.
    • Keyboard shortcuts - It would be great if I can edit the shortcuts.
    • Configurable collapse/expand all - as my project is pretty big with many view components organised in sublevel view. It would be nice if collapse all can switch back to only with 'Views' opened at top level which is the most often accessed.
    • Editable project name - project name shouldn't be only based on directory name. When I startup SA, the Recent Projects should show the project name (which can be default to directory name) which I have assigned to.

    Many thanks in advance

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    There is a Sencha Architect feature request forum area here
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