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Thread: Problem with cookieProvider and statefull

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    Default Problem with cookieProvider and statefull

    Sorry for my bad english.
    Now I understand Ext.state.Stateful. I use cookieProvider.
    Conceptually, I can not understand one thing.
    Everything seems to work, cookies are created, events occur.
    But why at the start of the application (f5 in the browser) does the statesave event fire and erase all states?
    What about? It turns out that the state can be stored only while the application is running. Those. F5 clicked, and all the states flew off? I am using 6.2 gplv3

    See the demonstration here
    If you click Run, then hide one of the columns, then click Run again.
    As a result, this column will again be visible.

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    Ext.state.Manager.setProvider should be in the init method, not in the launch method

    init: function(application) {


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    You should also post in the correct forum as this is the for the Sencha Fiddle tool itself not for Ext JS.
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