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Thread: Unable to apply custom theme

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    Default Unable to apply custom theme

    I'm an ExtJs customer and want to use the ExtJs component with React.
    So I followed the instructions and cloned and setup the ext-react-classic-boilerplate. Now I'm trying to create a custom theme for the app ( followed by this

    npx ext-react generate theme --name my-theme --baseTheme theme-triton
    then I updated the webpack.config
    new ExtWebpackPlugin({
            framework: 'react',
            toolkit: 'classic',
            port: port,
            profile: buildprofile,
            environment: buildenvironment,
            verbose: buildverbose,
            theme: './ext-react/packages/my-theme',
            packages: []
    But it always fail to compile after such changes.

    Any suggestions why this is happening and what I can do about it?

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    Did you find a solution?

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