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Thread: Slow performance in 6.5/6.7 compared to 6.2.1

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    Exclamation Slow performance in 6.5/6.7 compared to 6.2.1

    We are experiencing a heavy performance setback in our mobile apps running ExtJS Modern 6.5.3 compared to 6.2.1. The whole app feels like it has slowed down.

    The most obvious setback occurs when scrolling in a panel with multiple textfields. It seems like the layout run (mostly update layer tree) is taking 10x the time it used to.

    Are anyone else seeing performance bottlenecks with 6.5/6.7 that you didn't see in 6.2.1? Maybe someone has found a workaround/different approach?

    To see this in action you can run this fiddle example in the different frameworks. It helps to turn the cpu throttle to 6x in DevTools to see the difference more clearly.

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    Hello there- Thank you for providing the fiddle. Sorry for the trouble this has caused. I have shared this with the support team and asked that they look into this and then reach out to you to provide assistance. Your patience is greatly appreciated!


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    Any updates on this?

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    Please accept our apologies for the delay in response, this issue has already been registered in our bug tracker under reference number
    EXTJS-27999, the Jira number will be linked here to track the status.

    Sencha Support.

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