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Thread: PHPStorm 2019.2 released - is the plugin working?!?

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    I contacted support for this matter.
    I received the following answer.

    Unfortunately we are experiencing an issue with third party software which is affecting product activation. We are aware of the issue and this has been logged as bug IDEAPLUGIN-382 and marked as a blocker. Our engineering team is currently working to address this issue to get activations working as soon as possible and you will be notified when this has been resolved.

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    The plugin seems to work for me on IntelliJ 2019.1.3 (and 2019.1.4), but it says "failed to download license" on 2019.2.

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    Default Same problems ...

    with IntelliJ Ultimate 2019.2 and Webstorm 2019.2

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    This problem was resolved by changing the Java runtime of the JetBrains IDE.
    Perhaps that is not the fundamental solution, but the Sencha plugin will work.
    That is important to me.

    You can change the Java runtime as follows:
    Probably all JetBrains IDEs (IDEA, WebStorm, PHPStorm, PyCharm ...) have the same procedure.

    • Install JB SDK Bintray Downloader plugin
    • Restart the IDE
    • Search for Action with Cmd + Shift + A
    • Select and run Get JB SDK from Bintray
    • Specify the JDK to install (specify JDK8)
    • Click the Download button
    • Click the Install button when the download is complete
    • Restart the IDE

    I was able to solve the problem with the following comments.

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    In July Sencha gave me an offline license which fixed my plugin issue. Now that I've upgrade WebStorm again, not thinking, this issue is back. The offline license is not working. I guess I'll need a new one?

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