Hi all:
I use Visual Studio 2019 to create react app project, and I want to use Extreact. but it will ocurs "Ext is not defined" error.
follow is my create project step:
1. Create asp.net core web application with React.js and Redux.
11-14-2019 5-30-19 PM.png

2. Open node.js cmd, go to project folder(\ClientAPP folder), run follow cmd.
npm install --save @sencha/ext-react npm install --save @sencha/ext @sencha/ext-modern @sencha/ext-modern-theme-material
npm install --save-dev @sencha/ext-react-webpack-plugin @sencha/ext-react-babel-plugin html-webpack-plugin

11-14-2019 5-35-14 PM.png

3. after install success, I change index.html and change my app.js like follow:
import React, { Component, Fragment } from 'react';
import { ExtReact } from '@sencha/ext-react';
import { Panel } from '@sencha/ext-modern';

//import { Component } from 'react';
//import React from 'react';
//const Component = React.Component;

class App extends Component
        return (

export default App;
then it will get error.
11-14-2019 5-38-29 PM.png

do I miss something?