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Thread: Event Recorder not working

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    Default Event Recorder not working

    As soon I run event recorder, I got this error

    Error: A new session could not be created. at url("http://localhost:8080/ai-web/Login.jsp") - C:\Program Files\Sencha\Test\2_3_0_328\resources\app.asar\node_modules\@sencha\orion-core\serve\context\WebDriverRecorder.js:50:18 at init() - C:\Program Files\Sencha\Test\2_3_0_328\resources\app.asar\node_modules\@sencha\orion-core\serve\context\WebDriverRecorder.js:45:18

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    There are some known issues with the Event Recorder in Sencha Test 2.3.0 on Windows. If you need to use this feature, I'd recommend switching to version 2.2.1 for now.
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