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Thread: How to "type" shift+tab in WebDriver test

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    Default Answered: How to "type" shift+tab in WebDriver test

    How do I send a Shift-tab to the browser in a WebDriver test.
    I've tried various things along these lines

    ST.element('//body').type({key:'Tab', shiftKey: true});
    ST.element('//body').type({key:{name:'Tab', shiftKey: true}});
    Any help would be appreciated.

  2. For some reason the key events are not being recognized still in our app. (or at least not that I can tell by debugging the tests.) This example didn't activate our shift-tab function.

    However, it got me thinking and I tried this, which did work, interestingly enough.

    ST.element('//body').type({key: [ 'Shift','Tab']})

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