Hi all,
What is your development strategy for building GXT applications? I've started putting together a framework GXT app which will have various component parts added to it but this work will need split up so that more than one developer can work on it in parallel. With this and also general unit testing driven development in mind, I am wondering about the best way to go about this. For example, I was thinking that as each component part is developed, an entry point class would be created to render that component in a window - to test it on its own. I'd then have to manually modify the module XML file and put that entry point in it so that it gets built. Once the various parts work on their own, then we put them all into the framework and use the frameworks entry point to build the application. All development is done through Eclipse.

Does this seem like the right way to do this development? The only thing I dont like is having to manually modify the XML file to set the entry point but I can't think of any cleaner way to do it.