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Yes, I was using ant to handle the building of the war.

Right now I'm using Maven2. I would really recommend Maven, but for simple builds I would use ant.

I have a few scripts you could use, but it's on my other computer
I can attach to this post when I return tomorrow.
Here are the basic steps you'll want to follow:

1. Have a folder where you plan to put everything (like... one named webapp)
2. Compile your Java source with javac and copy class/resource files to webapp/WEB-INF/classes
3. Copy your library files to webapp/WEB-INF/lib
4. Copy your web.xml file in webapp/WEB-INF
5. Compile and copy your GWT/GXT files (*.cache.html... et. al) into the webapp/ directory
6. Zip your webapp dir as a .war file.

Actually, find attached the build.xml file that darrell uses for the samples...