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Thread: TabPanel hideMode visiblity issues

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    Default TabPanel hideMode visiblity issues

    Hi there. Please consider the following code:

    Ext.onReady(function() {
       var tabs = new Ext.TabPanel({
            renderTo: 'main-tab-panel',
            //height: 750,
            activeTab: 0,
            //plain: true,
            defaults:{autoHeight: true, hideMode: 'visibility'},
                {contentEl:'classroom-tab', title: 'My Tab 1'},
                {contentEl:'documents-tab', title: 'My Tab 2'},
                {contentEl:'whiteboard-tab', title: 'My Tab 3'}
    I found that adding bwrapCfg options and setting hideMode to "visiblity" is necessary (I think at least) so that Flash movies and applets do NOT reload when flipping between tabs. This all works wonderfully except when I flip between tabs now, the contents of the previously visited tab aren't visible but retain their width/height thus leaving a blank white space and pushing all the content down of the newly visited tab. Please forgive me as this is kind of difficult to explain in words. It seems the div's within my tab container (each tabs' content) are being stacked. I'm assuming that Ext is simply hiding the visibility of the contents but not removing it from the display (to prevent reloading of Flash/Applets instead of doing "display:none" on the div's which I'm assuming is what's causing the reloads). Is there any way to fix this? I really need to solve this problem and I would greatly appreciate some help. Thanks for your time

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