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I would like to announce the conjoon open source project.

conjoon is a web based personal information manager (*with the ambitions to become a groupware).

conjoon has been developed for over one year now, with a strong focus on message exchanging. It utilizes Ext JS and the Zend Framework.

During the various development cycles, subprojects have grown out of conjoon and were quickly adopted by other projects, such as the Ext.ux.Livegrid.

Features in the 0.1a1 release:

  • Menubar for quick access of often needed functionality
  • Statusbar with status messages and request indicator (progress bar)
  • Tabbed browsing
  • Bookmark menu to quickly navigate between opened tabs/modules
  • configurable view
    • show/hide QuickPanel

  • quick edit for
    • emails
    • contacts

  • view latest emails
  • view news items from the feeds module

Email module
  • POP3 support
  • SMTP support
  • UTF-8 support
  • complete folder management: move (drag & drop), rename, delete, create
    • inbox folders
    • junk folders
    • outbox folders
    • sent folders
    • draft folders
    • trashbin folders

  • configurable view
    • show/hide folders
    • show/hide preview
    • move preview west/south

  • create/save/edit email drafts
  • outbox support
  • smart Rich Text Editor to simplify the process of creating plain text emails
  • consistent implementation of drag & drop (moving emails between folders)
  • label messages
    • latest
    • read/unread
    • spam/no spam
    • replied/forwarded

  • automatic recipient lookup in personal address book when creating emails
  • support for visually representing emticons
  • automatic querying of new emails for the configured accounts
  • support for email signatures
  • support for (theoretically) unlimited email accounts

Feeds module
  • support for atom/rss feeds
  • automatic querying of latest feeds
  • label news
    • read/unread

and more. The roadmap shows IMAP/Exchange support, multi user support, email filters, virtual folders, contact management, Task-lists, instant messenger and calendar.

Visit conjoon's project home:

Thanks for the time here over at Ext so far guys, it's been a hell of a ride!