We are proud to announce the second release candidate of conjoon 0.1 (conjoon 0.1RC2). This RC focuses on bug fixes, Ext 3.1 integration and security enhancements, and should be the last candidate for the next stable release.

Here's a list of notable fixes/enhancements that made it into this release:

[Email module - backend]
  • fixed an issue where protocol would get overwritten on account update
  • fixed: sending emails would not consider the configured port for the outgoing
    mail server

[Email module - client]
  • fixed a critical issue where the state of a panel would not be saved when
    deactivating this panel (closes #369)

  • fixed a possible security hole that could occur if relative links are used
    in feed items (closes #371)

[Feeds module - backend]
  • fixed an issue that would break importing/adding feeds when a call to
    "getLastDateModified()" from Zend_Feed_Reader on the specific resource would
    return NULL (closes #370)

[Feeds module - client]
  • fixed an issue where the dialog would not be closable after an error occured
    on the server during adding a feed (see #370)

[Twitter module - client]
  • fixed an issue where the local Twitter account store would not be updated
    with the most recent values after data has been successfully submitted to the
    server (closes #361)

Please download and test this release candidate, and report any issues found. A stable release is expected next week. In case of critcal issues we will continue producing weekly RCs. Downloads and further information is available at http://www.conjoon.org/downloads. See also the most recent installation/upgrade guide at http://wiki.conjoon.org/wiki/Users/Guide/Installation.