Hi guys,

I am pretty new to Ext Js and have read the FAQs, the community manual but nothing seems to help.
I have on hand a html page, a xml file, a css and a js script.
I want to create buttons that could perform functions like forwarding the page, go back to the previous page, print and print preview etc, but I have those function developed by other developers.

I tried to create a toolbar and place it inside a region as shown below

var viewport = new Ext.Viewport({
new Ext.BoxComponent({ // raw
el: 'north',
contentEl: 'south',
height: 50,
minSize: 50,
maxSize: 100,
collapsible: true,
margins:'0 0 0 0'
// items:
<< i inserted the toolbar coding here>>

but it doesn't seems to work. I am not so sure of the whats not and whats really possible in Ext Js.

Is there any viable solution? Because i am trying to call my configuration menu data from a XML file and displaying it into the HTML file through the use of Ext JS.

Yeap and one more thing is i cannot get the sample/demo localization on this site to work once i edited it to put into my .js file. It has the invalid characeter error pointing to either ascii or utf-8. (i was trying to convert english into chinese characters.)

Thanks in advance and shed some light on this yo.