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Thread: [solved] Multiple Columns for ListView

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    Default [solved] Multiple Columns for ListView

    I want something almost identical to the ListView example in the Explorer demo. I've got almost all of it working, but it's putting all of my items one per row. How would I tell it to place them in a grid? It definitely has enough room to place several of them side-by-side.

    In the Explorer demo, the XTemplate uses divs with classes "thumb-wrap" and "thumb". Is it something specified in those that is telling it the maximum width of an item?

    EDIT: I figured out that if I add "width: 25%" to the CSS style in the "thumb-wrap" div, it successfully shrinks the size of the ListView item. However, it's still just showing them in one single row. When I select an item, it only highlights 25% of the width, but it refuses to show any others next to it.

    EDIT: Turns out that you need to have "float: left" added to the CSS style for the thumb-wrap div. Sorry for cluttering up the forums. Maybe someone else will run into the problem...
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