I have a ComboBox editor column in an EditorGridPanel. When the user selects an item from the combo, I want a popup window to appear containing a table grid from which the user selects an item. That item is then stored in a different (TextField editor) column cell of the EditorGridPanel.

Currently, I require the user to make the selection and then click on the cell where the selected table value will go. The beforeedit event triggers the popup window. This works fine but seems cumbersome and not intuitive.

I want to have the popup window appear when the user selects from the combo. However, when I do this from a select handler for the combo, the focused combo cell "shows through" the popup window. It seems that the focus must be removed from the combo cell for this not to happen. Perhaps I am wrong on this? Perhaps the select handler should exit before the popup occurs but I do not know how to delay this action.

I would appreciate some suggestions on how to do this. Perhaps there is a suitable Ext idiom for this that would be useful.