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My apologies. Again, I didn't test it last night and thus missed a couple of issues. I just tested this now and it works. You just need to change the code to run AFTER the panel has been rendered (oh, and I got the parameters wrong - should be two, with the first the number of seconds and the second, the url)

So change this:

    url: 'doMenuScreenMonitoring.php'
To this:

menuScreenPanel.on('render', function() {
    menuScreenPanel.getUpdater().startAutoRefresh(5, 'doMenuScreenMonitoring.php');
I'll go ahead and update my original response in case someone else needs this.
Hi jratcliff,

Thank you very much for your help. It's working as you tried it. I am really greatfull for you kindness help.

I hope God will give you a present for helping me...

Once again, thanks...