i have following problem.

the problem occurs on ajax-respones on IE6 with deactivated Active-X.

if i get a json response (header: content:type: text/html for iframe) which contains html code i get a runtime error on ie6.
breack point is the function in the core
PHP Code:
in ff my response.responseText look like
PHP Code:
...{"html":"<p>Die Ergebnisliste <\/p>"}... 
on IE6
PHP Code:
...{"html":"<p>Mein Text &lt;\/p&gt;"}</p

For IE6 with deactivated Active-X i use the xmlHttpRequest Fallback solution over a iframe (http://extjs.com/forum/showthread.php?t=45402).
So my problem could be also a form upload problem with json respons.

i am happy for all hints and tips