Is it possible to open a new browser window ( not in gxt window component ) from current application with gxt components like grid

I know that opens a new browser
to which i can specify a URL . How can i add the new browser with gxt components

For example i have a gxt client side file which shows grid which reads the data from the sever ( say file name as Showlogs)

In my main application i have a button when i click that button I want to open
this showlogs screen in new browser (not a gxt window component) .
How do i link this Showlogs screen with a URL need a URL

If i use a jsp file or html file then how can i show that Showlogs screen inside that jsp or html page .

In ext js i can point the URL to a jsp page and in that jsp page i can use
Ext.onReady() after including the script in that jsp page and show a gird

But how to do this in Ext gwt