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Thread: [Workaround] IE7 upload problem

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    I have problem with Ajax Upload in ExJS. It works fine in Firefox 3.0 but when I try to do same in IE7 it looks like upload never ends. I used Fiddler to catch response and file is uploaded. Fiddler also shows me that server is sending success response but from some reason ExtJs is not catching that so it never enter success function. Im pretty confused because this work with no problem in Firefox. Here is part of problematic code:

    fileUploadPost : function() {
            //some code that is not important//
                method : 'POST',
                params : {
                    'jsonData' : jsonData,
                    'jsonTaskData' : jsonTaskData
                waitTitle : 'Connecting',
                waitMsg : 'Sending data...',
                scope : this,
                success : function(form, action) {
                    var submissionPostResponse = Ext
                    if (submissionPostResponse.submissionTicket) {
                        this.submissionTicket = submissionPostResponse.submissionTicket.ticketId;
                failure : function(form, action) {
                    // TODO Handle form failure
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