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    Default Documentation Bugs - Ext 2.x

    This thread is solely for reporting bugs in the Ext 2.x documentation. (currently available here)

    Some things to note
    • post only documentation bugs
    • always CTRL+F BEFORE posting
    • i will regularly update the list below to reflect all verified doc issues reported in this thread
    • where possible, i will include a [link] to the original post / a place in the docs where the problem is evident
    • you might also want to take a look at this thread before posting

    Ext Documentation Team members:
    please mark all resolved issues with a strikethrough using the [s][/s] tags. thanks.

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    All Classes
    • "The online version of ext2.0a1 does not have a src/ folder. All links to the source code are redirected to the front page." [link]

    • Quote Originally Posted by tjcrowder View Post
      Seemingly throughout the docs, I see things like this:

      {@link Ext.Element Element}
      ...rather than an actual link to the item listed. And yet in other places, the links work fine. I don't recall this from the alpha1 docs, but it's all over the beta1 docs. The Panel.header and Panel.footer properties are examples, but again, it's a general thing.

      BTW, you're doing great work on the docs, folks. Substantial improvements between alpha1 and beta1, really obvious progress.

    Class Ext.ComponentMgr
    • incorrect return type for method get [link]
      -- should be Ext.Component

    Class Ext.data.Connection
    • missing closing quote in anchor tag found in description of event requestexception [[post=76278]link[/[post]]
    • extraParams should be params [link] - Both are included and valid

    Class Ext.data.Field
    • missing docs [link] - Marked private with comment

    Class Ext.data.JsonReader
    • incorrect description for method readRecords [link]
      -- "... an XML document" should be "a JSON object" instead

    Class Ext.data.Store
    • Ext.data.Store's "find" method has this in the summary at the top: "Returns a new collection that has been filtered." It actually returns the index of the record, or -1 (which it correctly says later under "Return"). [link]
    • Description needs to be updated: "The Store class encapsulates a client side cache of Ext.data.Record objects which provide input data for widgets such as the Ext.grid.GridPanel, or the Ext.form.ComboBox." [link]

    Class Ext.Element
    • Inconsistencies with get/setLeft/Top [link This is NOT bug, but rather a design decision.]
    • Since it's optional, can the default value for the loadScripts parameter in the update method be specified? [link]

    Class Ext.form.Action
    • messed up description for method submit [link]
    • configs method, success and failure still reference deprecated Ext.form.Form class [link]

    Class Ext.form.CheckBox
    • missing config inputValue [link] - This appears to be a doc parser issue. Following up.

    Class Ext.form.ComboBox
    • typo in description for config displayField [link]
      -- "The underlying data field name to bind to this CombBox..."
    • missing config hiddenId

    Class Ext.form.FormPanel
    • Various inherited members need to be @hidden
    • bodyStyle states it's expecting a boolean instead of a an object. [link] - This is inherited from Panel and is defined as String/Object/Fn

    Class Ext.form.FormPanel
    • missing property form [link] - SKIPPED - form is private, getForm() should be used

    Class Ext.form.Radio
    • missing config inputValue [link] - SKIPPED - Inherited from CheckBox, will be fixed when it is fixed

    Class Ext.grid.ColumnModel
    • Doesn't mention the editor option needed to use with EditorGridPanel [link]
    • "Just as a favour for newbies, Ext.grid.ColumnModel's "renderer" config option (and "setRenderer" method) might mention that Ext.util.Format has various useful goodies..." [link]

    Class Ext.grid.EditorGrid
    • Docs show trackMouseOver as a config entry, but show it defaults to true, which is not the case. [link] - It is inherited from Panel and overridden in EditorGrid to false because it causes errors in FF. It has now been hidden so it should not show up as a valid EditorGrid config.

    Class Ext.grid.GridPanel
    • missing GridPanel constructor
    • description for config maxRowsToMeasure still refers to deprecated autoSizeColumns config from Ext 1.1.1 [link]
    • incorrect description for config trackMouseOver [link]
      -- should be "Default is true."
    • GridPanel.ddGroup is not documented. [link]

    Class Ext.grid.GroupingView
    • missing config showGroupName [link]
      -- incorrect documented as "hideGroupedColumn" in GroupingView.js (probably a copy-paste error)
    • getGroupId should return the id of the group - not void. [link]

    Class Ext.layout.FormLayout
    • reference to Ext.FormPanel brings to a broken link. I think it should be Ext.form.FormPanel instead. [link]

    Class Ext.PagingToolbar
    • missing config store [link]
    • incorrect default value for config displayMsg [link]
      -- should be "Displaying {0} - {1} of {2}"

    Class Ext.Panel
    • typo in description for config autoLoad [link]
      -- "If autoLoad is not null, the panel will attempt to laod its contents immediately upon render."
    • document parser error for config keys [link]
      -- "A KeyMap config object (in the format expected by in the format expected by {@link Ext.KeyMap#addBinding) used to assign custom key handling..."
    • typo in description for config shadow [link]
      -- "[...] Note that this option opnly applies when floating = true."
    • incorrect return type for property bodyStyle [link]
      -- should be "String", not "boolean"
    • typo in description for config shim [link]
      -- "...Note that this option opnly applies..."
    • incorrect type for config bodyStyles [link]
      -- should be String/Object/Function
    • incorrect description for config tbar [link]
      -- should be "...This can be either an Ext.Toolbar object or an array of buttons/button configs..."
    • typo in description for config elements [link]
      -- "...Valid values are: 'header,' 'body,' 'footer,' 'tbar' (top bar) abd 'bbar' (bottom bar)..."
    • typo in the description of Ext.Panel's setTitle method: "Sets the title text for the panel and optioanlly the icon class." [link]
    • Panel.draggable needs to be added -- can contain also drag config object; it is {Boolean/Object} type. [link]

    Class Ext.QuickTip
    Class Ext.QuickTips
    • missing docs [link]

    Class Ext.Resizable
    • missing event beforeresize [link]
    • missing event resize [link]

    Class Ext.TabPanel
    • "TabPanel does not list its own members. ie click on the "hide inherited members" and the only one that shows up is the constructor." [link]
    • missing method setActiveTab [link]
    • Config Option enableTabScroll: Number - Should be boolean? [link]
    • "The docs for the TabPanel contain config items that do not apply to a tab panel" [link]
      1. header
      2. headerAsText
      3. title
    • TabPanel's tab's config options (tabTip, closable, etc) are not documented [link]

    Class Ext.Tip
    • missing docs [link]

    Class Ext.Toolbar
    • messed up constructor + parameters for method insertButton [link]
    • The "items" config option of Ext.Toolbar isn't documented [link]

    Class Ext.ToolTip
    • missing docs [link]

    Class Ext.tree.TreeLoader
    • missing config requestMethod [link]

    Class Ext.tree.TreePanel
    • "Also, what is the difference between 'applyTo' and 'renderTo' and how are they different from the 'el' option? I tried both of these and received errors." [link] - This actually applies to Ext.Component

    Class Ext.form.TriggerField
    • Change example to: trigger.applyToMarkup('my-field'); [link]

    Class Ext.util.MixedCollection
    • "The documentation for both the constructor and getKey() should point out that the default getKey function is:" [link]
      function(o) {
        return o.id;
    • Over in this thread Jack said he'd added some further params suggested by papasi to the Ext.util.MixedCollection.each method, and indeed the latest source has those new params (index and length), but the docs still talk about the "first and only" parameter... [link]

    Class Ext.util.Observable
    • typo in addListener method's delay config [link]
      -- "delay {Number} The number of milliseconds to delay the invocation of the handler after te event fires." ("te" should be "the")
    • missing config listeners [link]

    Class Ext.Updater
    • Quote Originally Posted by JeffHowden View Post
      There seems to be a parsing problem with Updater.update().

      update( Object/String/Function url, [String/Object params], [Function callback], [Boolean discardUrl] ) : void
      Performs an asynchronous request, updating this element with the response. If params are specified it uses POST, othe...
      Performs an asynchronous request, updating this element with the response. If params are specified it uses POST, otherwise it uses GET.

      NB: Due to the asynchronous nature of remote server requests, the returned data will not be available to the line immediately following the load() call. To process the returned data, use the callback option, or an {@link #event-update update} event handler.
    • options.params formatting: "If tt>true any <>script> tags embedded in the response text will be extracted and executed. ...."
    • Docs for configs discardUrl, nocache, text and scripts are missing. The indentation of the options that are present is not quite right too.
    • Typo in update example: "scripts: false // Save time by avoiding RexExp execution."
    • Usage example at top has: "mgr.update("http://myserver.com/index.php", "param1=1&param2=2");" -- It doesn't look like that parameter pattern is supported by the update docs. Either the example is wrong or the update method docs are missing something. [link] - Both formats are supported, but to avoid confusion, I changed the example to the newer config format


    Samples / Examples
    • Forms - Customizing:Search Field [link]
      -- "Typing in Test will give a 2 page result, but when clicking next page, you would see the total pages changing from 2 to 84." [link]
    • LayoutManagers - Complex: in the Center Panel tab, the "Toggle the west region" link does nothing.
    • LayoutManagers - Customizing:Portals
      Quote Originally Posted by tjcrowder View Post
      There are some properties and other things used in the Portal layout example (examples/layout/portal.js) that aren't documented in the API documentation (or in many cases the code):

      1. Panel.body property. Looking at Panel.js, there's an accessor method for it called getLayoutTarget, but that's got a comment above it saying it's private. It's documented now in beta1.

      2. ddScrollConfig (both it and its members). Seems to be used by the ScrollManager for this and that, recommend adding it either in the ScrollManager summary or to the description of the register method (or both).

      3. Panel.bwrap property.

      4. DragSource.proxy property.


    Misc / Requests
    1. "Also, is there going to be a "Print Friendly" link on each page like the 1.1.1 docs? Sometimes it is handy to print out a section." [link]
    2. "Additional Tree-related issues: (these are from an Ext newbie trying to learn this stuff)" [link]
      1. There's no description at all for the TreeNode and AsyncTreeNode (same in version 1.x docs). Describe the use and difference between the two. Please don't leave it to the user to figure it out for themselves.
      2. The description of AsynchTreeLoader.loader says that it 'defaults to the loader defined on the tree'. How do you define a loader for the tree? There's no options, properties, or methods of a Tree to do that.
      3. If you can create a checkbox for a tree node, how can you assign a value to that checkbox?

    3. Quote Originally Posted by neshaug View Post
      It seems like there is alot more config options for components than I can find in the Ext 2.0 docs. I can find many examples that uses: region, minSize, split, margins, el and contentEl. I think I have seen more too, and the advice I get if it's used in an example I should to, but it would be nice to know what these options do.. I've searched the forums and I can't find any relevant posts about it, but I've just started with Ext so I am sorry if this is something obvious I just don't get..

    4. Quote Originally Posted by SeaSharp View Post
      It would be nice if the online documentation system reported its minor version number in the top of page banner. This was the reason for my doc bug report above not having a version in the title.

      Something like "Ext 2.0 (beta 1) - API Documentation"

    5. Quote Originally Posted by splintor View Post
      BTW, the help system can be improved so it is possible to build diret links to a config option, property or method. I would think something like http://extjs.com/deploy/dev/docs/?cl...xt.Window-html would work, but it doesn't. It seems to put the page in an eternal "Loading" mode.
    6. Class Ext.ComponentMgr
      Quote Originally Posted by dhurlburtusa View Post
      Documentation for methods in Ext.ComponentMgr are missing.
      registerType(xtype, cls) and create(config, defaultType).
      The shorthand for Ext.ComponentMgr.registerType = Ext.reg is not documented.

      Maybe these are intended to be private methods and shorthands although registerType seems essential to adding new components and user extensions.
    7. Class Ext.form.BasicForm
      Quote Originally Posted by tjcrowder View Post
      The summary for BasicForm talks about overriding the onSubmit method if you want to do a "normal" form submission, but the onSubmit method isn't documented and is marked "private" in the source.
    8. Class Ext.form.FormPanel
      Quote Originally Posted by tjcrowder View Post
      Ext.form.FormPanel's documentation should discuss the 'items' config option as it relates to FormPanel (see this thread). It's currently inheriting the Component documentation, which doesn't help you figure out what it's going to do with the configs and specifically how it's going to map configs to classes.
      Quote Originally Posted by tjcrowder View Post
      In the summary for Ext.form.FormPanel, I recommend adding a link to Ext.form.Action.Submit so users can readily see the format for the JSON return data for the response to the default form submission feature (which is really cool).
    9. Class Ext.grid.CheckboxSelectionModel
      Quote Originally Posted by aconran View Post
      I think the documentation for CheckboxSelectionModel's header config option could be updated to be a bit more clear.

      It leads one to believe that simply changing the header config will remove the checker image in the header. This is not the case because the id must be changed as well (to change the css class name).
    10. Class Ext.KeyMap
      "BTW, the same problem happens with Ext.form.BasicForm.addBinding." [link]
      Quote Originally Posted by aparajita View Post
      Mac OS X 10.4

      Link: http://extjs.com/deploy/ext-2.0-alph...ber=addBinding

      Clicking on the row expander for Ext.KeyMap.addBinding causes all of the row expanders in the methods section to disappear.
    Last edited by aconran; 14 Jan 2008 at 9:03 PM. Reason: Added thru post #140 | added report for Ext.form.ComboBox

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    Quote Originally Posted by Idle View Post
    Dont know where to put this because its not in the documentations but in the samples ... sorry if im putting it in the wrong section.

    In the 2.0 Sample Custom Fields


    When changing page after a search has been done, the whole search result will revert to a default search results page.


    Typing in Test will give a 2 page result, but when clicking next page, you would see the total pages changing from 2 to 84.
    reposting @Idle's bug report.

    added to the list.

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    2.0 alpha 1 docs - http://extjs.com/deploy/ext-2.0-alph...s=Ext.TabPanel
    TabPanel does not list its own members.
    ie click on the "hide inherited members" and the only one that shows up is the constructor.

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    FYI -- the 2.0 docs are known to be not fully complete as of today (they are about 80-90% right now for new 2.0 stuff), but some things we just haven't gotten to yet. However, I hope that some of you 1.0 "old-timers" will appreciate how much there is now vs. when 1.0 alpha came out...

    Also, there are still some doc issues from 1.1 that have not yet been addressed that will also carry over to 2.0, so if you can, please verify first that it's not already listed in the 1.1 thread: http://extjs.com/forum/showthread.php?t=10476

    The 1.1 doc issues will all be addressed prior to 2.0 final release, so with 2.0, hopefully we'll get to a pretty clean slate and be able to keep it that way. Thanks for your patience, and please continue letting us know about any issues you find!

    (PS: I'll update this thread when the 2.0 docs are "content-complete".)

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    I see
    Do you still want reports of missing stuff then, or do you already have a list?
    I do very much like the new docs interface, kudos to you guys for designing that!

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    Feel free to post any issues you find. I was just more providing a status update on where the docs stand currently.

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    In form.Action.load:

    A response packet must contain a boolean data property. The Ext.form.Field.setValue method.


    "A response packet must contain a boolean success property, and if successful also a non-null data property used to fill fields via the Ext.form.Field.setValue method."

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    Default PropertyGrid


    The PropertyGrid has no documentation - although you may not have got to it yet if you are still working on docs.



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    The Ext.form.Action classes contained a lot of typos, these have been fixed in SVN.

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