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    Default TreePanel Config Options

    The 2.0 TreePanel appears to use the 'el' option which doesn't exist in the documentation.

    Also, what is the difference between 'applyTo' and 'renderTo' and how are they different from the 'el' option? I tried both of these and received errors.

    Additional Tree-related issues: (these are from an Ext newbie trying to learn this stuff)
    1. There's no description at all for the TreeNode and AsyncTreeNode (same in version 1.x docs). Describe the use and difference between the two. Please don't leave it to the user to figure it out for themselves.
    2. The description of AsynchTreeLoader.loader says that it 'defaults to the loader defined on the tree'. How do you define a loader for the tree? There's no options, properties, or methods of a Tree to do that.
    3. If you can create a checkbox for a tree node, how can you assign a value to that checkbox?
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