D-RexGXT - Design tool for Gxt.

D-RexGxt is GUI screen design tool that supports development with Ext GWT(GXT). Because D-RexGxt is developed by Ext GWT, the screen development of Ext GWT can be done only by a browser. The made screen is generated as a source code of GWT. Moreover, it is also possible to import the generated source code. Operation server (http://www.sweetie.atnifty.com/D-RexGxt2/) of D-RexGxt has been opened to the public now. The screen development can be done by accessing this URL as long as there is a browser from anywhere.

Online demo(To make a form with 2 coulmn) : http://drex.sourceforge.jp/anime/form1.htm

Simple Manual (English): http://drex.sourceforge.jp/English/
Simple Manual (Japanese): http://drex.sourceforge.jp/

D-RexGxt was also opened on SourceForgeJP, if you need source code.


Best regards.

Katsu Taira from Japan.