1) I've got a TabPanel with a form inside each tab. If I try to access a form before the tab has been activated I get an error saying it is undefined. Is there any way to have Ext auto render all tabs so that I can access the form inside a tab that has never been activated?

2) Is there any way to center a Panel inside of another panel. I've tried several things like using bodyCfg and bodyStyle to set a width and margin: auto but it appears the layout manager always overwrites my width to fill the container. I've found that using bodyCfg to set the body to use a center tag works for centering span elements but I also need to center block elements like the label in form inputs.

3) ie6 gives me an error when I try to add an Ext.Element to a Panel through its items property. Is there a correct way to do this? I would rather not use a template since I can't get a reference to the added html. Adding the element to the panels body element works but then I have to wait until after the panel is rendered and the body element is created which is a pain.

Anyway these are some problems that have been bugging me for a while now and if anyone knows a solution I'd be very thankful.

-thanks, Micah