Hey there, it seems that Ext.KeyMap is having a keycode issue in Safari... I use the following code to assign shortcuts to dialogs in my app, and I'm not having any issues in IE7/FF(Win) and FF(OSX), just in Safari. In safari the dialog is shown when both ctrl+h is pressed, as well as command(⌘)+h (which should be the Hide Safari OS X command), where as in the other apps the dialog is only shown when option+h is pressed (the desired behaviour).

var helpMap = new Ext.KeyMap(document, {
	key: 'h',
	ctrl: true,
	fn: myHelpDlg.show,
	scope: myHelpDlg

helpMap.stopEvent = true;
I search the forums and only found this topic which doesn't really address this issue. The problem is that this overrides the browser's default command...