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    Default emulated host in eclipse with cypal plugin takes long time to start


    I was using GWT-Ext in my application and now I'm moving to GXT. After migrating all the code, I started the application in eclipse with cypal studio and it takes long time to show the first page. With GWT-Ext it took about 10-15 seconds to show it and now it takes about 3 minutes !

    I deploy the application in OC4J (10.1.3) and then I start the application with Cypal Studio plugin.

    I attach the initial jsp and gwt.xml. I'm doing any mistake ? Also it seems it takes a long time to connect with the server.

    I tried the application with the browser and the timing is ok, like before.

    Does anybody happens the same ? Can I see what is the emulated host doing while the application is starting ?

    Thanks !!
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