It seems that when I populate the contents of an Accordion panel they are not displayed until I do a window resize.

I load a set of categories from a database and create a Panel for each of them.
The panels are added to the Accordion window.
Each panel (aka category) contains a grid of items.
The grid is not displayed unless I do a Window resize.

If I hard-code the call of the function that fills the grid, it displays ok.
If I call the function that fills the grid from the onSuccess function of a AsyncCallback the grid is not displayed.

I have tried overriding the onRender, onClick and other events.
I have also tried changing the width of the grid, making the store listen for changes. No good.
I have also tried using a tree instead of a grid, same result.
I then tried putting a button in the panel, same result - not displayed until I do a window resize.

I'm using GWT 1.5.3, gxt-1.2.1

Any help is greatly appreciated.

public class NichePanel extends ContentPanel {

    AManagerServiceAsync aManagerService;
    String previousCategory;
    Grid<NicheModel> selectedGrid;

    public NichePanel() {
        setLayout(new AccordionLayout());

    private void loadCategories() {
        //if (1 == 1) {
        // this works just fine
        //loadNiche(new NicheModel(1L, "first", "cat one", Status.RUNNING));

        // this displays empty panels until the window is resized
        aManagerService = AManagerService.App.getInstance();
        aManagerService.getNiches(new AsyncCallback<List<NicheModel>>() {
            public void onFailure(Throwable caught) {
                ClientLogger.logWarn(this, caught.toString());

            public void onSuccess(List<NicheModel> nicheList) {
                Collections.sort(nicheList, new NicheModelComparator());
                for (NicheModel niche : nicheList)

    private void loadNiche(NicheModel niche) {
        if (!niche.get(Column.CATEGORY).equals(previousCategory)) {
            previousCategory = (String) niche.get(Column.CATEGORY);

            ContentPanel cp = new ContentPanel();
            cp.setHeading((String) niche.get(Column.CATEGORY));
            cp.setLayout(new FitLayout());

            selectedGrid = createGrid();

        selectedGrid.getStore().insert(niche, 0);