This problem sounds similar at the start to the following post:

However, I'm having a slightly different problem.

I have an upload form which I submit via a BasicForm from within a PanelForm. I submit this to a php server script that renames the file, copies it to a storage location, then responds to the client with JSON indicating success and including a few other variables like a result message, the old name and the new name of the file.

When I load the form from one server, and submit the form to the same server (with an Apache alias), everything works just fine. The JSON response gets parsed out automatically into the action.result object. This works regardless of whether I'm using localhost or a remote server.

However, when I load the form from one server and submit the form to a different VirtualHost (even on the same domain but on a different port), the submit works fine, the response from the server works fine, the JSON comes across as expected, but it doesn't appear to be parsed and loaded into the action.result object. When I try to access it, I get an "action.result is undefined" error in FireBug.

The response IS being parsed enough for the correct success / failure event handler to be called when the submit is complete, just not loaded into the action.result object.

Because I'm submitting this to a different VirtualHost, I suppose that's the same as a different domain. Am I dealing with some security issue with my browser (FF)? That doesn't seem to explain the actions on the response side however with most of the activity happening just as it should, just not the loading of that final variable.

Any ideas?
Mike Tallroth