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Thread: Is ExtJS 2.0.2 Free for Commercial Application?

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    Default Is ExtJS 2.0.2 Free for Commercial Application?

    Hi Team,

    i heard lot about Ext Js 2.0.2 licence fork on blogs.

    can any body tell me in one line about

    Using Free Ext Js 2.0.2 for profit earning commercial web application?

    as found on wiki

    "plan to use Ext in a personal, educational or non-profit manner"
    -> my application is profit manner

    "in an open source project that precludes using non-open source software"

    "are using Ext in a commercial application that is not a software development library or toolkit".
    ->my application is commercial but not software development library or toolkit

    i found GWT-EXT project at and they are open source

    there it is written that Ext js 2.0.2 is open source for commercial application
    without any modification to Ext js code

    any ways i am not going to change any code of Ext-js
    but just dont wanted any licence issue

    Thank You in advance

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    Please contact and describe your situation in detail and our legal team will respond.
    Aaron Conran

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