I am new to EXT-GWT and I am using the Java version of the software. Here is my issue and trying to see if that is the best way to do.. Please guide me.

1. I received WSDL for the service that I will be invoking to save/Retrieve the data entered on the screen.
2. My data entry screen is developed with EXT-GWT components like grid etc.

To achive this here are my steps.
1. Generated WSDL2Java -client (i.e client stubs)
This gave me bunch of binding objects in return.

BeanModelDTO -> NormalDTO -> WebServiceBindingObjects ->Webservice -> Webservice Binding objects ->Domain Object.

for all these place I have been writing setter & getter is there any other way to achieve this.

Please let me know if I am not clear in my question.

Thanks in advance.