I have a basic, store-backed Grid, with a horizontal scroll bar (large number of columns). When the grid is sorted while scrolled to the right, the grid/store gets reloaded, resulting in the grid being scrolled all the way back to the left (non-scrolled) position. However, the vertical scroll position does not change. It appears this is standard behavior as the Grid Plugins examples (http://extjs.com/examples/grid/plugins.html) has an example with horizontal scrolling and it exhibits the identical behavior.

So, what's the fix? Is this a bug or a flaw in the implementation? Either way, is it going to be fixed? Users of this API should not have to be worrying about basic functionality like this. I can't imagine any user of my application thinking that this behavior would be beneficial. If they sort on a column in a grid, they are sorting on it because they want to look at that column sorted.

It appears this may be yet another hoop I have to jump through to implement functionality that should be handled in the API. I've already tried catching the SortChange event, but that doesn't help me as the grid/store reload has already happened by that time the grid is already scrolled to the left. I've tried catching the BodyScroll event, but that seems to do me no good either.

Sorry about the rants, but my patience is wearing thin with this API. We're currently in evaluation phase with this API and this could be the final straw. There's no way our users would accept this defect (and it is a defect). If the support team can tell me that a fix for this will be in a future release, or someone can give me a simple, interim solution for this problem, we may be able to convince our management to continue forward with GXT.