Below is a post I made on Ext Core 3.0 Beta in response to another user. I wanted to make an "Open Discussion" to see what the community thoughts were.

What are you opinions? Either on my specific post or the topic in general? Thanks ahead of time!


My Post

"I was reading @Tal feelings and recommendations post and I could not help but to share another point(s), because I personally feel the old license issues are over discussed.

1.) Respect the past, but dont live there.
To most developers I say, Quit complaining and get out their and DO. PRODUCE. Think about the Time and Energy wasted trying to remind everyone of some indirect *harm* you(the complainers) experienced while a talented start-up company discovered their product positioning within a tough, over-crowded, market.

I am sure everyone of us have had growing pains in our lives Ask yourself how would you like to be treated? Would you like to relive those moments at every turn?

2.) We all love Open Source and yes our clients do too. But what they love more is the paycheck home to support their family or life.
The marketing guys at Ext dont do a lot to show where their product has been successful. If you want a great *Case Study*, look at and how they have used ExtJS as their library of choice. We should all hope to be as lucky as them and our web applications.

You(the complainers) might turn and ask yourself are YOU missing out on something because you are stuck in the past looking at licensing? Why would you NOT tell your customers to go with Ext? I for one want my customers and clients to be successful.
In closing, if a company likes is willing to bet $739 million(2007 revenue) dependent and centered around a JavaScript framework, I want to give my clients the same opportunity and long term trust!

Can we get back to checking out more of Ext Core 3.0 (beta) now?"