I have developed on application using same concept as have in showcase.
But I am facing one problem mentioned below.

Description: There are certain options in left window of application in TreeView. When I click on any option, respective screen will get opened in TabPanel in center panel.
For example, I have five options in left side.

When I click on Option1 it will open Option1 screen.

When I click on Option2, it will open Open Option2 screen.

But, if Select Option1 Screen which is already opened, I didn't get Option1 selected in TreeView (left panel).

Actually, I want mapping between selected node and and selected screen. Means, when I select any opened node, respective node should automatically get selected in left panel.

In showcase, this is working properly but in my application its not working. I have used same concept in my application as have in showcase application

Please, help me regarding this. I am not getting where I am doing wrong. I have compared code of Showcase application with my application. But I didn't find any discrepancy or change. Please reply ASAP as I am facing this problem since long.

Thanx in Advance.