Hi all,

Just thought I'd post this firstly to help others and secondly to see if there's a more elegant solution. I've been working with combo boxes in Adobe AIR and found that the height of text fields is slightly off, meaning the trigger button on the right hand side of the combo is a few pixels too high and looks a bit unsightly.

The unholy solution is to override the .x-form-text class height to "22px !important" in a custom css file for the AIR app. I noticed though that there's a range of classes in ext's form.css such as ".ext-strict .x-form-text", ".ext-safari .x-form-text", ".ext-gecko .x-form-text". I don't currently have a doctype specified (as per Ext's official stance) but am thinking that perhaps that's what's causing AIR to use the incorrect css class.

Should I be using a doctype to solve this issue or is there something else I'm missing here?