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    Default Ext.Direct - Server-side Stacks

    Link to spec:

    Symfony - Maintained by dancablam (Daniel Stevens)

    Ext.Direct PHP - Maintained by tommymaintz (Tommy Maintz)

    Simple Router - Maintained by Ext JS Team
    Within SDK - examples/direct/php/

    Ext.Direct PHP Backend - Maintained by ckr

    Ext.Direct for CodeIgniter - Maintained by goachka

    Ext.Direct for Kohana 3 - Maintained by Bodom78

    Easy Ext.Direct integration with PHP

    Ext.Direct CakePHP Stack - Maintained by Dumas

    Zend Framework 2 - Maintained by Rovak


    Rails - Maintained by christocracy (Chris Scott)

    Merb - Maintained by christocracy (Chris Scott)

    Ext.Direct .Net Server-side stack - Maintained by evant (Evan Trimboli)
    Ext.Direct for .Net 3.5 - Maintained by shibubh (Shibu Bhattarai)
    ExtDirect4DotNet - Maintained by crp_spaeth
    Ext.Direct for ASP.NET MVC - Maintained by elishnevsky
    ExtDirectHandler for .NET - Maintained by gianmarco

    ExtDirect stack based on Castle Framework (.NET) - Maintained by (aritchie)

    directjngine - Maintained by pagullo (Pedro Soliveres)

    extdirectspring - Maintained by ralscha

    extdirect4java - Maintained by piziwate (Steve Guillarmod)

    Ext.Direct Struts 2 plugin: extdirectj-s2-plugin - Mainted by stefanorg

    HQExtDirect - Mainted by cattus
    A new reflection based Java server-side stack implementation.
    Examples, additional information and packages you can find at the project's home page:
    Forum thread:

    DirectCFM - Maintained by aconran (Aaron Conran)

    ExtDirectCF: A Managed ColdFusion Server-side stack with security - Maintained by jimmifett

    Grails - Plugin: Ext Direct - Maintained by dferrand (Damien Ferrand)

    ExtDirect for Delphi - Maintained by r.federiconi

    4th Dimension (4D) v11
    4th Dimension (4D) v11 ExtRemoting component - Maintained by ahartlen

    RPC::ExtDirect - Reference Ext.Direct stack - maintained by (nohuhu) Alex Tokarev

    Perl Stack - Maintained by (scottpenrose) Scott Pennrose

    CatalystX::ExtJS::Direct - Enable Ext.Direct in Catalyst controllers

    extdirect.django 0.2 - Maintained by (sancho_0) Santiago Videla

    Django Stack - Maintained by (Svedrin)

    Pyramid - Maintained by (jenner)

    Maintained by stju (Juris Vecvanags)
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    Aaron Conran

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