First off, thanks for the comments.

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A suggestion, develop a certification extjs suite that not only tests what should work, but what shouldn't work. Get the plug-in authors to work toghether on it. Each server-side engine must pass and fail each test within the certification suite exactly the same way. .i.e. test #27 tests rules that define acceptable whitespace. Test #28 examines bad whitespace, and if your server code is too tolerant, and the test passes, then you report that the server-side failed test #28 because it is just too tolerant.
We are working on a test-suite and the 5 server-side implementations that we have been run against the rudimentary test suite and passed. We would like to provide this publicly so that other parties can run it against their server-side stacks and verify compatibility.

The test suite tests things like request batching, file upload, form posts, error handling etc. However, it will not handle things like file naming and other things which you've specified above. These are too specific to possible environments/OSs/languages and our goal here is to be platform-language agnostic.