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    Cool Ext.Direct PHP backend

    Found a few bugs when working with Ext-3.1.0 (my mistakes, not Ext's). Updated the zip file. You should be able to unzip into your examples directory (in your Ext install), and run from there.

    Biggest change was due to my incorrect handling of the formHandler value required by the API. So that the API generator can detect that a particular method is a form handler, you need to add frmHandler to your method name. You can see the comments in the Profile.php class file. There was really no way that I could see of getting that info using Reflections. Someone smarter than me may have a better idea here.

    Remember the main goal (at least for me) was to simply write the php code, and then have the config and api generated from the classes, instead of having to manually create and maintain them.

    Demo is working with 3.1 just fine, and the demo link below has been updated to the Ext-3.1.0 version.

    Missed a variable name change in the before and after calls.

    Fixed router for multiple arguments in actions (finally). I misunderstood what was happening there. But this should be good to go now.

    Zip has been updated.
    Demo here.
    Fixed router to better handle parameters
    Update demo page (with form, and tree examples)

    Updated the attachment with latest changes.

    Fixed router to handle parameters properly
    Fixed utils to handle multiple server action classes

    Updated the attachment with latest changes.

    Ext.Direct PHP backend
    First I am not a developer, more of a guy that likes to hack around. So this is by no means and end all solution. In fact, it might just be drivel. But while working with the examples and attempting to see how I could do some comet long polling stuff, I have re-worked the PHP backend for Ext.Direct just a bit.

    Might want to save your originals before unzipping.
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