Good afternoon,

I am using the above version of the Ext.Direct Router with ExtJS 4.0 and am having problems with the following


This is initiated from a on the client side

The problem is that the data

\"data\": [{\"reviewDateRangeID\":2,\"requireSufficientFunds\":0}]

is being converted to a dynamic object when the request is being deserialized in the


however the direct action is expecting the RAW JSON string


Now we have verified that the existing code works if we wrap the data element with quotes, such as

\"data\": ["{\"reviewDateRangeID\":2,\"requireSufficientFunds\":0}"]

Is this a known issue with ExtJS 4.0 and the older versions of the library - if so I am assuming that the newer versions have addressed this issue.

Now we are supporting both ExtJS 3.x and ExtJS 4.0 in the same application - until such a time as when the entire application gets converted - are the new Ext.Direct 4.0 libraries backwards compatible with ExtJS 3.x clients.

Please advise!!!